Inspiration exists!

A current question, probably all artistes get asked often, is:

“Where your inspiration does comes from?”

The answers are often very long, very poetic and most of the time very much alike:
artistes become inspired by nature, everyday life, materials, textures, findings, other artistes, travels…

And YES! - Everything is inspiration!

What may distinguish an artiste from other persons is that he / she is particularly sensible to what surrounds him / her. But foremost all, he / she is a doer – a hard working, restless spirit.

All these years of practicing mixed media textile art, make me believe that the only source of real inspiration is the workflow itself. When your fingers and mind start to dance together, inspiration sparkles. The more you work (dance) the more the fire of inspiration burns and it becomes nearly impossible to extinguish.

( By the way: that’s why - when inspiration burns high - it’s becomes hard to get some sleep :).)

Inspiration is a beautiful (and lucky harmless) drug!

Picasso once said

“Inspiration does exists, but it has to find you working”. 

I couldn’t agree more.
Here some photos of my work in progress, illustrating where I get my inspiration from :

And now I’m going to listen to the wisdom of Walter Disney:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing”.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative day!