Textile art brooches - my grandfather’s portrait


Grandpa art pin

Inspired felted textile art to pin

One of my favorite subjects to work on in sculpture or fiber painting are human beings. I’m inspired by people who surrounds me, especially those I love. I portrayed nearly all members of my family. One of them is my dear grandfather. He was a photographer and I’m lucky enough of having thousands of beautiful photos he made as a young man. Some are self portraits, like this one which inspired me for the art brooches in the above photo.

I used a photo from 1935 to make these very different felted textile art brooches. First I did a digital sketch and finally added also a fitting body.

For the white – beige brooch, I “draw” my grandfather directly with free motion embroidery onto white silk fabric, layered on handmade white felt. Colors were added in a second time by hand with ink and special textile colors.

For the yellow brown one, the digital painting was printed onto silk and then free motion embroidered on a red colored, especially thick felt.

As the material for the white pin is very smooth it’s more a fiber. The sturdy felt of the red brooch make this one more sculptural.

Custom order portraits

If you are looking for an original gift idea these brooches are awesome!

In order to get a custom made portait art brooch, just send me one or several (I prefer) picture of the dear one you want me to portrait. Let me know if you want a more “fiber-painting-like brooch or a sculptural one.

For being creative and making something special I can’t discuss the whole design first. When ordering you have to trust in my artistic mind and allow me to do the art brooch in my style and my way.

I do my best to make something awesome just for you !!!


Custom ordered portrait brooches start at 65 euros.

The photo shows an example of a custom made art brooch, a mother asked me to make. It’s her beautiful daughter and was a unique birthday gift for this young lady who loves art.

Any questions? I’m always happy to help! Please email-me!