Masterpiece of wearabel art

Masterpiece of wearabel art


Please, consider this reversible felt art vest one of my absolut master pieces of wearable art!

Reversible it has two stunning design, one in very bold colors the other one in elegant gray shades.

This wearable piece unique shows perfectly what my art is all about: creating paintings to wear that allow you to spread art in everyday life.
I believe that art make life brighter, it’s a vehicle that diffuses energies and my art is full of positivity. I always crate with a joyful mind and think this shows in my work!

Wearing my textile art paintings lets you wrap in this energy and spread it out around you.

This particular art vet took me 7 month to accomplish.
It’s made of handfelted nunofelt, combining silk fabric and merino wool. I then hand painted it, started the stitching and finally composed a fancy woman portrait in free motion embroidery and applique techniques.

It’s composed of many layers and the stitching nearly covers the whole surface. This makes this art vest stiffer than my others. It falls less fluently and therefor I think of it more as a piece to expose in your home decor as an outstanding example of contemporary fiber art. You may also wear it on special occasion but it’s less functional for a daily wear!

In opposition to what I generally advise, this art vest shouldn’t be washed. Check my care instruction (in the footer) to see how to take care of it without washing.

Chest width: 41.8” (106 cm)
Maxi length: 29.5" (75 cm)

Fits perfectly:

US 10 to 16
UK 12 to 18
French 42 to 46
German 40 to 44

If you are looking for an art vest that’s perfect for a daily wear please check out all my other here (big smile).

Any questions? I’m always happy to answer your mails!

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