Textile art bag

Textile art bag


Gorgeous arty object: a felted textile art bag entirely hand painted and free motion stitched.

Even so you may use it from time to time to make an highly artistic fashion statement, this outstanding example of contemporary fiber art is thought as a sculpture!
It’s an artwork to expose in your home decor and illustrates the beauty when art and crafts are combined. .

Functional but fragil, more a beautiful sculpture than an accessorie:
I made it to illustrate the stupide limitation of what art is and what not. Here in France the art institution “La Masion des Artistes” declares that art can’t be functional. What is an object that looks like a bag but is too fragil for a daily use ? A bag that stands on it’s own and has a very sculptural and painterly look?

As an original art work it comes with a certification of authenticity.


15.7"(40cm) x 9.8" (25cm)

Handle length 35.4" (90cm) 

A button & hole system allow to shorten the handles and enhance the sculptural style.

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