Petrol green nuno felt woman art vest - custom order

Petrol green nuno felt woman art vest - custom order


This beautiful, reversible and oak art vest in elegant nunofelt is sold. If you like it, I would love creating a custom order for you, just send me a request.

A stunning silk texture and the awesome petrol color make this wearable art vest one of a kind fun!

It has an asymmetric shape, is adorned in free motion embroidery and made of and noblest : high quality silk and softest merino wool, that feels like cashmere. An art vest like this spread good vibes and wrap you with coziness.

Reversible you have two beautiful side to play with - go for greener or bluer in function of your daily mood.

For a very glamorous style, turn the art vest upside down and wear it as a bolero with a huge collar.

Ariane Mariane’s art vest are made for unique and creative women who wants to play with fashion in a elegant, arty way.

The art vest comes with an assorted art pin that allows you to drape the vest it fits you best.It is signed and is delivered with a certification of authenticity.

One Size fits:

US 6 to 12
UK 8 to 14
France 36 to 42
Germany 34 to 40

Chest width: 40.5" (103 cm)
Total height: 18.5" (47 cm)

Any questions? I’m happy to help, please just send me an email.

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