Embroidered felt art self portait of Ariane Mariane

Embroidered felt art self portait of Ariane Mariane


Funky free hanging self portrait made from white handcrafted felt, silk paper and black free motion embroidery.

This unique art work is reversible, I love how the same painting is transferred from plain to outline, sketch like drawing. Working on both sides is opening so much creative energies and allows to create very intriguant art.

The fiber painting can be exposed free hanging in a room or a northern oriented window (direct sunlight is to avoid). On a wall you may like to switch its sides from time to time. I like to present it hanging with a simple black thread. This allows the art work to turn around itself when hanging free.

Size: 8.3”(21 cm) x 11.5 (29 cm)

As all my original art work, this self portrait is signed and delivered with a certification of authenticity.

© copyrighted art work Ariane Mariane

For any question, please drop me a line!

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