Blue felt hat in sculptural shape with outstanding dot design

Blue felt hat in sculptural shape with outstanding dot design


Blue sculptural felt hat

This outstanding felt art hat is entirely handmade in innovante nuno felting techniques. Smoothest merino wool fibers and high quality silk make this chic and somehow dandy like hat an sustainable accessoire that let you stand out of the crowd.

Worked like wearable sculpture, you can turn the headpiece the way you like it most and transform it in function of your daily humor. The pleats can be pulled off a little bit to add volume. This allow to incline the hat and make it even more sculptural.

Materials: 100% wool and silk

Wool and silk are isotherm materials and spread a confortable warmth. This is the perfect cosy winter accessory you will love for decades!


The hat size it currently 22”. If you need another size please let me know and I will make it perfectly fitting your head!

Slow design on it’s best

This hat is slow designed with passion and know-how and I proudly signed it with my name.


I know that it is hard to buy an item like this beautiful hat without trying. That’s why I guarantee your satisfaction! Once you hold the hat in your hands, you have 15 days to change your mind. Just send it back and I will refund your payment as soon as it arrives undamaged in my atelier.

For any further questions or remarks, please message me. I’m always happy to hear from you!

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