So very proud of my students!

Gallery shows work in progress during a mixed media felt art workshop I taught in Italie

I never thought I would love teaching as much as I do

As many artist, I started teaching because I had to find a way to pay my bills and I have to admit, in the beginning I was a bit nervous about giving my secrets away. But as soon as I taught my first class I felt that there was something rewarding in teaching. Today transmitting my knowledge and helping others to connect with their creativity is as important to me as creating myself.

Recently I was lucky enough to teach in Italy at the Feltrosa event (an annual Italian felter’s meeting). The fun thing was: nearly all of the participants only spoke Italian and we had to communicate most of the time with hands and gestures. So proud of the beautiful results:

To get more insights: one of my awesome Italian students, wrote a very cute summary of this workshop on the events website. The great thing with internet is that you can get the Italian text translated in just one click :) and I’m so happy to read that her feedback is as enthousiaste as my experience teaching!

Another recent workshop, with America born globetrotter Robin in my studio was much chattier as we could communicate in English. In a one to one class Robin made this awesome 4 in one mixed media felt art vest:

I beg you can’t even imagine that Robin is pretty much a beginner in wet felting? She started felt making in November 2018, 6 month before coming to my class.

Apparently we both are very enthusiast about this marvelous week together. A few days later she send me a message and I’m happy she allowed me to share it with you as it reflects marvelously what I’m looking for in my workshops:

Ariane, I just want to tell you what a great time I had with you...learning, doing, chatting, creating, planning, truly was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I especially appreciated how generous you were with sharing your knowledge. I came back to Torre Alfina excited to try it for myself, so I dug out some leftovers and threw myself into it with abandon!

 It’s just an awesome feeling when you can make others feel and embrace their inner creativity!

And for the magic, here aagain some work in progress photos :


I’m looking forward to my next workshop in July.  4 awesome ladies will experimenting in my studio mixed media techniques on felt and silk and this time I also include some fun with paper!


I’ll keep you updated!