Revival of floral relief surface felt art bag

Sculptural felt bag with organic geometry flower design.

Sculptural felt bag with organic geometry flower design.

Sometimes my inspiration comes from former creations. This is the case for the stunning art bag above.

It’s inspired by a small edition of 5 sculptural floral relief bags I created a few years ago. They sold out quiet quick but at that moment I didn’t felt like making more.

Sculptural felt art bags from 2015

Last January I met one of my awesome customers and she was wearing her floral art bag (so sad I forgot to take a photo but will think of it next time)!

Seeing her with the bag, allowed me to see it with new eyes. The bag wasn’t any longer mine – it was like looking at a creation from somebody else. It allowed me to admire the art work :). This may sound crazy but those of you who are creating or making art themselves, may know how it feels…

The sculptural felt bag in question has a half moon like shape, a large half-circled flap, fancy helms as a clever closing system and a huge front pocket allowing easy access.

The most beautiful is its geometric flower design. While I made the first one, I was inspired by a discussion I had with my dear felter friend Maria Friese about organic (or sacred) geometry. Her work is very much about this topic. Please check her amazing work!

When I started, I didn’t thought I would do an organic geometry design. I just wanted to make some relief flowers on the flap. But the discussion must have influenced my unconsciousness. Somehow the first art bag just happened. It allowed me to experiment the magic, Maria told me about. That’s probably the reason why I repeated this geometric floral design several times on felted bags, wall-hangings and even hats.

Maybe it’s this magic spread by sacred geometry design that hit me again? Anyway, I’m back for making more of these joyful, elegant and artistic bags. I just listed the first one and two others are on my working table.  

But I never just redo something! Going back to a design means improving it! The new sculptural art bags have:

·         Adjustable handles and can be worn as a handbag or a messenger bag

·         A larger front pocket that closes with a button to avoid things falling out. This way you may carry for example your cellphone in the front pocket for easy access.

The feedback on this arty bag was and is still amazing. Most clients was a bit worried that it would be too small but finally experienced that it is bigger than it seems. I guess it’s the shape and the huge flap that gives this false illusion. Each bag is perfect for carrying a wallet, keys, lipsticks, a cell phone and an eBook.

Wonder how I make these bags? Please see the post “Inspiration exists” for some work in progress photos. Hopefully a video is coming soon as well :).

Custom Order

I experimented so much joy doing this design again and therefor decided to offer customized orders. If you like the design but want it in another color combination, just drop me a line and I will happily make a unique one for you!

Please note: delivery time for a custom order is 4 to 10 weeks.

Have a wonderful arty day,