Art acts like a mirror


I always thought that artist choose what kind of art they make but through my own work I discovered that art more or less happens. My most authentic works show up when I it feels as if I’m no longer controlling what I do. At one point of the creative process, ideas go wild and something completely different from what I have initially planned shows up.  It’s if there is a kind of creative flow I’m dipping in and that takes over.

When looking at my creations, I feel that there is very much about my personality shining through.Stepping back and looking at them, is like a look in a mirror. I can see things that I feel but that I couldn’t put in words. I can see who I am or more precisely I recognize myself as we recognize our selfs in a mirror. Even so what I see is familiar it’s different from what I imagine. There is always this kind of surprise. When I look in a real mirror I am surprised by the age of the woman and the weight she carries around her hips. When I look at my creations, I’m surprised by the naivety. I bet it sounds a bit crazy - but if you are an artist by yourself you may be understand?

This said, I struggle a lot with the whimsy, childish style I often do. Even so I’m happy not to be a serious grown up, I sometimes dream of being part of this more sophisticated, intellectual art world that seems to exist. (Even so the older I grow the less I believe it really exists). But I guess it is as with my physical appearance – I can’t change it but I can learn to accept and love it. This is the only way to happiness!